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Skydream’s homepage displays the map of Cuba. On the map there are markers, which indicate locations where tours take place.

Each map icon symbolizes the type and length of a tour (eg Walking tours, Mini trips, Cruises, etc.). To see the explanation of map icons click on the “+” symbol on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Next to the explanation of each map icon you can select the option “see all” which displays all excursions belonging in the same category (e.g Walking tours).


You can click directly on the map icon to see the tour in detail.


Alternatively you can navigate between the excursions from the¬†preview thumbs in the lower left part of the screen. Every time you click on the symbols “<” or “>”, you automatically move on the map so you know in which part of Cuba the tour takes place.


From the menu you can select tours based on your special interests. For example if you select Tour Styles> Cities, it will display all tours visiting cities regardless of their duration.


An important feature of the webpage is that you can manage the Zoom In and Zoom Out option on the map (to the allowable limits of Google).


You can also switch between Map mode and Satellite Mode.

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