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Our destination – Cuba
Cuba is a unique travel destination. Beautiful beaches, fascinating history and stunning architecture combined with colorful art, music and dance scene, make this Caribbean island a unique experience.

Cuba unveils a mystique unlike any other island in the Caribbean, perhaps even any other country in the world. Cuba’s heritage, a melting of religions, music, foods and customs, composes the rich and diverse culture of the island.


About us
We are a team of dedicated travel specialists enthusiastic in guiding travelers to visit Cuba. We plan and organize itineraries and excursions based on travelers special interests.

Our motto is “Travel with a Purpose”.
Our goal is to provide REAL  travel experiences - Rewarding, Enriching,  Adventuresome, Learning.

There is plenty to explore in Cuba. Whether you prefer
- adventure travel (Scuba diving/Snorkeling, Spelunking),
- nature tourism ecotourism (Hiking and Trekking, Horseback riding, Bird Watching),
- cultural and historical travel (Art, Music and Dance, Culinary Arts, Cigars, Architecture, Cuban history and revolution, U.S Military History),
- sports tourism
(Baseball, Sailing/Yachting, Golf, Fishing),
- cruising or a romantic setting for your wedding or honeymoon,

Cuba has it all!


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